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Collected by rob.wilson

The Good Stuff (11 stories listed)
Some of my favorites

  • Rabbit Island: by Aurelius
    (Synopsis: Beautiful young women are kidnapped and brought to Rabbit Island to satisfy the sporting and sexual appetites of its rich and kinky clientele. Jessica's competitive nature is revealed when she and the other 'beach bunnies' are obliged to participate in some very unusual sports. But life is not all bad for our heroines/victims despite their ever-present handcuffs and other torments.)
    Comment: A little slow but some interesting ideas. :)
  • Death by Chess: by C. A. Smith
    (Synopsis: This is the final installment of a "Sextet" of stories that explore the potential of man's inhumanity toward women; tales of cruelty, brutality and depravity in the pursuit of lust, power and greed, with a soupcon of love amidst the pain as a ray of hope in the darkness.)
    Comment: A sequal to the much better "Aprille" story. Still some interesting ideas
  • The Pleasure of the Hunt: by C. A. Smith
    (Synopsis: "The Hunt" provides an overpopulated world, desperate for food, with young people willing to offer their bodies as meat in a gamble to escape the crush of debt. A beautiful girl risks her life in order to afford to have a baby.)
    Comment: Smith does it again! REad the reviews if you want a spoiler
  • The Female Manifesto: by Carnivale Ed
    (Synopsis: A young woman learns her first lessons in a society that has recently embraced male domination.)
    Comment: Nice little "slave in training" story
  • Megan\'s Run: by jan311648
    (Synopsis: This tale is based on personal experience of the occasions, many years ago, when I and my then girl friend used to go in for damfool things like this! )
    Comment: Grabs you from the first paragraph and won't let go.
  • Hanging For The Weekend: by Kirsten Smart
    (Synopsis: When Kirsten decides to start a quiet weekend alone by hanging by her wrists in the garage, things quickly go wrong - and get much worse when company arrives.)
    Comment: Nice little twist ending
  • Aprille: by C. A. Smith
    (Synopsis: In a future where hunger and overpopulation has been solved by state-controlled cannibalism, huge meat producing corporations raise human livestock for breeding and slaughter. Aprille is a beautiful young breeder trying to get pregnant to avoid being reclassified as meat stock. She has been assigned to escort an important visitor on a tour of the facility. Their sexual play grows into a love which contrasts sharply with the cruelties that surround them and in which they will soon take part.)
    Comment: Possibly my favorite story by one of my favorite writers on this site
  • The Academy: by warren_Z
    (Synopsis: Amber and April Smith have had some hard luck in their young lives. The Academy follows the two teen sisters through their years kept in captivity, forced to be sex servants to a group of powerful men.)
  • The Steel Collar: by Steele
    (Synopsis: A successful accountant falls victim to a slaver's unusual recruitment policy.)
  • Even Ponygirls Sometimes Get The Blues: by Aurelius
    (Synopsis: More adventures of Jessica and Kate as they attempt to escape their naked and chained imprisonment on Rabbit Island. They are smart girls but somehow their captors always seem to get the upper hand. This time they determined to outwit their so-called Masters. Like the previous story, Rabbit Island, this is a leisurely-paced tale of female bondage, punishment, fulfillment and wicked games, non-consensual but generally light and sexy in tone. The story is being posted as I write it, so any reviews and feedback (good or bad) are welcomed.)
    Comment: Ponygirls and other fun stuff
  • The Lost Prince--A Ponygirl Epic: by AlwaysCocked
    (Synopsis: I wanted to come up with a realistic scenario involving ponygirls. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where technology is nearly dead and germ warfare has killed off all beasts of burden. Inspired by Transceptor, by Michael Manning/Patrick Conlon.)
    Comment: WOW


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