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The Bondage Contest

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Synopsis: A bondage-loving woman registers in a bondage contest. Several rounds of being tied-up and trying to escape. Will she be tied-up like in her deep Dreams? Will she reach big money or big pleasure? How would YOU escape those bounds if you were at her place?


English is not my mother tongue. Forgive me if sometimes it is difficult to read me, Iím not sure that I always used the right English term, or the correct grammatical form, and I apologize in advance to everyone who feel hurt!

Chapter 1

The website was very light. A wallpaper showing a naked girl tied spread-eagle on a wooden floor in an otherwise empty room. The ropes went from each wrist and ankle to four hooks in the four corners of the room. The room was empty but for a screen on the facing wall, displaying a count-down with big red numbers, set at 00:30:00.

At the top of the page, a title said: "Welcome to The Bondage Contest - $50,000 to win!"

Then under it: "Do you really think you can do it?"

And at the bottom of the page: "Click here to have more details or to register to The Bondage Contest"

With excitement, she clicked on the link for the details. The text changed but the wallpaper remained the same.

"The Bondage Contest consists in a competition between ten contestants, the prize for the winner is $10,000, or the possibility to try the special challenge to win $50,000."

"The rules are simple: all the contestants are tied-up in the same way. They have a defined duration to get free by themselves. Those who don't are eliminated, those who manage to get free are on for the next round with another tie. There can be ten rounds at the maximum. The contest ends if there is one winner before the tenth round. If several contestants make it to the last round and succeed in getting free, the quickest to escape from that last round will be declared as the winner. If at some point none of the contestants manage to escape a given round, then nobody wins, and another contest can begin.

If there is a winner, the choice is given between taking the prize ($10,000) or attempting a much harder round to win the super-prize of $50,000!"

"To register for the Bondage Contest, click here. It will cost you only $100".

She clicked. New text:

"Here are the detailed characteristics of The Bondage Contest:

- The goal is to escape within 30 minutes, with no external help (there is a button which stops the count-down when  pressed by the contestants who had just gotten free).

- The contestants present themselves before 8:00pm in front of their assigned rooms, at the Studio B facility.

- At 8:00pm precisely, the contestants take a sleeping pill that will make them instantaneously fall asleep for about one hour.

- At more or less 9:00pm, the contestants wake up, tied-up in their room, without having seen the way they had been restrained.

- The countdown of 30 minutes begins for each contestant at the moment they wake-up and is displayed in the room.

- If a contestant doesn't escape after the duration then the game is over and the contestant is freed but eliminated of the contest.

- Each contestant who manages to get free in less than 30 minutes will be allowed to proceed on the next round, which will take place at the same hour on the following evening.

- Each round of a session of The Bondage Contest is harder than the previous one."

"Follow this link to pay the 50$ that can bring you to win up to $50,000!!!"

Even more excited now, she went back to the welcoming page where she could have the best view of the wallpaper. She imagined herself in the position of the pictured girl, and wondered if it was possible to get free without help. The girl was in the middle of the room, the corners where the ropes were tied were at least two meters away from her fingers or toes. She didn't know if this was an example of a possible round, but she thought that it was very difficult, even impossible, to escape from this tie.

She clicked on the links to get to the registration page. There was a list of previous winners of the $10,000 (only a few), and a list of winners of the big money (only two names). She understood that there was often no winner at the contest, and this was probably the reason they could offer such a large amount of money for a relatively small fee!

She registered for the contest which was to begin in ten days, on the Friday of the following week. She went to bed with her thoughts wandering about herself being tied-up in various ways and trying to get free without help... or about being tied-up in various ways and not trying to get free at all! Especially, the position showed on the wallpaper of the website really intrigued her. She was hoping beyond anything that she will somehow end up tied in this very position, but still didn't figure out any way of getting free by herself.

Chapter 2

The D day came too slowly in her opinion, but came anyway. She wondered how she should dress, because it was not said in the description if she were going to be naked or not during the rounds: she still didn't know if the picture on the website was an accurate representation of the context of this contest.

So she decided to go for a short, a tie-shirt and a pair of light shoes. Hot as it was, this was convenient anyway. She wanted to arrive at the facility at 7:30 in order to be sure to be on time, and to see if there were any final details before beginning.

She parked the car in the so-called "Studio B" parking and went to the entrance. A stewardess welcomed her, and led her to the hall where ten lounge chairs were set in front of ten identical doors. Two other women were already sited.

"Please sit on any free chair and wait till 8 o'clock. Then you will be given a pill and you will let yourself fall asleep on the chair".

She was too impressed to speak. She saw that the two women, who didn't seem to know each other, were casually dressed, like her, and it brought no indication as to what was waiting for them. The ten chairs were finally occupied by ten women at 7:55pm. Then a man arrived carrying a very large glass filled with water in one hand, and a pack of pills in the other.

One by one the women took one pill and relaxed on the chair waiting to fall asleep. When her turn arrived, her hand was shaking but she swallowed the pill with determination and a rush of excitement. She felt quickly drowsy, so she tried to relax and took deep breathes. It took her less than five minutes to fall asleep.

Next thing she knew, she was waking up in an empty room, tied up sited on a wooden chair. As she lifted her head, she heard a beep and something moved to her right. She turned her head and saw a screen mounted on the wall, displaying the count-down which had just started to count down.

It was the very same room, with the same floor and the same count-down that the ones on the wallpaper of the website. She looked to the wall opposite the count-down and saw a huge mirror covering almost all the wall. If she remembered correctly the angle of view of the picture, the camera was probably behind this mirror. She looked at the other walls, saw the entrance door, and at the ceiling, where she saw another huge mirror.

She was naked but could see her clothes on the floor near the door, so she didn't really bothered about being naked, and thought that it would be all the more enjoyable. The huge mirrors gave her nice views of her ordeal. Light was coming from powerful light fixtures on the wall behind her.

She started to move to have a good look at her bonds. The count-down was showing 00:28:44, 43, 42... The seconds seemed to go quicker than normal, but it was certainly only her imagination...

So, her ankles were tied to the legs of the chair. Her wrists were tied to the armrests. A rope circled her waist and the back of the chair. Last thing she noticed, the ropes tying each wrist was the same that was tying the ankles: one for the left wrist and ankle, one the right ones.

She realized that moving her wrists along the armrest was not going to be of any use. Indeed the armrests had wooden supports at both ends, so the ropes tying her wrists could not be slipped out of the chair. She twisted a little bit and realized that the rope around her waist was well tied, with the knot in her back and no way to turn it around.

She came to the conclusion that the only way was to untie the knots with her fingers, but to do that she needed to untie the ropes at her ankles first to release the tips of the ropes, and this was not possible with her hands tied as they were.

Trying to have a better view of the knot in her back, she twisted her body and that made the chair move a little bit. This meant that the chair was not fixed to the floor, and although it was heavy, it could be moved. So she looked back to her wrists and understood at once.

Only seven minutes had passed when she knew she had found the solution. So she took her time, enjoying the fact that she was naked and tied-up. It was, after all, the reason why she was there: for in her deepest thought she knew that she wanted to be tied up more than she wanted the money.

After five more minutes she finally bent herself backwards, raising the front legs of the chair above the floor. With her tiptoes pressed on the floor she felt the ankles' ropes slide along the chair's legs until they were no longer tying the ankles to the chair. Then, one after the other, she reached her hand with her foot and untied the ropes. With only one hand she was able to undo the knots, so she could easily untie herself completely.

It took her a little more than a quarter of an hour to press the button that stopped the count-down, but she had spent several minutes just to enjoy her ordeal, so it was not very significant. She exited the room (after having put back on her clothes of course), and a guy was there to register the contestants who had validated their round. She was the first out, it surprised her and she finally began to think that the big money was maybe at her reach!

Chapter 3

As easy as it appeared to her, one of the other candidates had not been able to pass this first round. So nine left, eight opponents. They were kindly asked to be back the following day before 8 o'clock pm. She went back home with a feeling of competition that surprised her. She slept very well and spent the Saturday doing shopping and house cleaning. She wanted to be occupied in order not to run around in circles in her house, feeling the time passing very slowly.

She was calm when she took her pill, comfortably sited on the lounge chair. She fell asleep then woke up hogtied in the closed room. She was lying over her belly, her left cheek resting on the floor. Her hands were tied together at her back, her feet were tied together, a rope was linking her feet to her hands so that the knees were bent at the maximum possible. In the middle of this rope, a knot was made with another rope circling her hips.

Without thinking, she started to fight against her bonds, but it brought her nothing good. With her fingers she tried to find the end of the rope tying her wrists but couldn't find any. So she tried to reach for the rope tying her ankles, which was not so simple. After some waving and swinging of her body, she reached her ankles but didn't find any way to untie the knots. In the process her fingers went over the knot in between her feet and wrists, but again didn't find any tip of rope there.

She paused to breathe deeply, and realized that she had rushed to try to escape as if she was sprinting in the last part of a run. Looking at the count-down showing that only four minutes had gone, she relaxed. She turned on herself to look at the mirror on the ceiling. And she saw that the rope circling her waist had a knot with two tips of rope, placed at the base of her belly.

So she tried to move the rope circling her waist round her body. To do that she had to bend her back as much as she could and stay in this difficult position. Then she could pull the rope to make it move around her waist until, from the very tip of the fingers of one hand, she could reach the knot to her freedom.

With difficulty, given her position and the fact that she was able to use only two or three fingers at a time, she eventually managed to untie the knot. Then she could unfold the rope around her waist and next was the knot in the middle between wrists and ankles. She didn't have to struggle much for this one, because she could work with two hands and in a less contorted position.

Then the wrists were no longer linked to the ankles, and she could unbend her knees. It was a relief, and she was sure now that she was going to successfully pass this round. Untying her ankles was not a problem, then to finish with the knot tying her wrists she first passed her arms around her bottom and legs. Then the wrists and the knot were in front of her and not anymore in her back. So she could use her teeth, and was free quickly.

The count-down was showing 00:19:47 when she pressed the button to stop it. For the second time, she was the first to get out of the room. She waited those twenty minutes to know if someone didn't manage to make it on time, which happened to be the case for one girl.

The judges gave them rendezvous for the following day at 8 p.m. saying that the serious stuff was about to begin. She felt more excited than the previous evening, and started to think, not about being tied-up in various ways, but of what she could do with 10,000 dollars, or even with 50,000 dollars!

Chapter 4

During the minutes that preceded the sixth round, she was thinking that the third, fourth and fifth rounds hadn't been so difficult, at least not as hard as she had expected after having been told that the serious stuff was about to begin.

For the third, a wooden post had been placed in a hole in the center of the room, and she had been tied-up standing against it. Ropes were circling her, pinning her to the post at her feet, knees, hips, waist, under her breasts, above her breasts, and her hands were tied together behind the post. There was a lot of ropes, it was a very effective bondage and she really enjoyed it.

It took her about five minutes to find the way to untie herself: she first had to move her legs as much as she could so that the rope at her knees fell down (it wasn't tightened). Then she could bend her knees a little bit (making all the other ropes slide along the post), and take hold of the post with her hands. By pressing it against her back while unbending her legs, she had been able to move it up and dislodge it from the hole in which it was resting. Once done, it was easy to get away of the post, then she had enough slack to untie her hands, and then the other ropes.

Only five women were left for the fourth round. She was tied up to a chair again, but more heavily than during the first round. This time the chair was fixed to the floor, so she had to find another strategy. But it didn't take her a long time in the end to beat the bonds. She used her teeth to untie the knots holding her wrists, then the rest came easily once her hands were free. All the contestants managed to escape from this relatively simple bondage, so they were still five for the fifth round.

It was different from the previous ones because there was no rope this time. Instead, the contestants found themselves mummified by plastic wrap. There were a lot of layers and layers of plastic wrap, wrapping them from neck to toes. Their hands were alongside their bodies.

She managed to get out of it in two steps. Firstly, she moved as much as she could, struggling against the plastic in the objective of making her sweat. After several minutes of an intense activity, she was exhausted but all wet from sweat. Then she could slip her hands and arms rather easily inside the plastic, her skin having become slippery enough. She moved her hands to her belly, where she could work with her fingers to move layer after layer of plastic, until a hole was made. From that it took her only three more minutes to unwrap herslef completely.

She stopped the count-down five minutes before it was too late. Two other contestants didn't do it in time, which meant that there was only two opponents left!

Chapter 5

The three remaining women looked at each other smiling kindly and fairly, but no words were exchanged between them. Then the pills were served.

She woke up lying on a wooden slatted bed base, fixed on a bed frame. Ropes were tying her body at every slat, from feet to neck, except for her arms. She never had as many ropes tying as many parts of her body in her life! Her arms were free but for her hands, chained above her head to the first slat, locked by padlocks at each wrist. Her hands could move along their slat, for there was some slack, but she really wondered how she would be able to break free of those metallic bonds!

The view in the ceiling mirror was, once again, very arousing for her. It was like the so many pictures she had seen on the web, for which she had always dreamed of being the main protagonist. This time she really was. Her legs were spread and the ropes tying her ankles to the last slat were also circling the sides of the bed frame, so that they were forced apart as much as the frame width would allow.

With ropes circling her at every slat, she looked like a zebra. She saw several knots, they were not dissimulated but out of reach of her hands. The slats were moving very little, being solidly fixed to the bed frame. For the first time, she doubted of being able to get free by her own. The nearest knot was on her chest, just above the breasts. Even her elbows could not reach so low from the head of the bed.

She had absolutely no idea of what to do, so she began to think that it was going to be over for her. She looked again at herself in the mirror, appreciating the view as much as possible, not thinking that it was going to stop in, she could see, now sixteen minutes only.

Time was running, and she was giving up the idea of winning $10,000. The thing was that she wasn't even aroused now, and couldn't add a sexual aspect to the situation. In fact, she told herself, what was the worst, was that she would not have the possibility to try the website's wallpaper bondage, and this was getting her mad.

So much mad and so much disappointed that she wanted to break everything, starting with this bed frame and those slats. Suddenly, she realized with a shock that it was exactly what she needed to do to get free: break the slat around which the chain was running.

So she started to put all her strength in the task, with help of every muscle of her body, pulling as hard as she could on the slat. And it finally broke in two, maybe more easily than it should have done, as if it had been a little bit prepared to be broken by the contestants.

She stopped the count-down at 01:38:11, and went out of the room under a lot of applauses and congratulations, from the judges, from the other contestants who had come back to watch, and from people who just went in to have a look. Time was over for the other contestants (who must have woken up earlier than herself), and they had been freed by a judge.

So that meant that she had made it! She had won $10,000, she had won the Bondage Contest!

They gave her something to drink. One judge arrived with a very big cardboard paycheck with the ten thousand dollars written in big red numbers. Then the choice was given to her: leave with the check, or try the big challenge and possibly win five times more!

She paused a moment to think, but wasn't surprised when she came to the conclusion that she was going to try the big challenge. She had come for the bondage, not for the money, and now was the last chance, but also the more likely, to be tied like she had seen so many times on the website.

So rendezvous was given for the following day at 8 pm.

Chapter 6

She was sitting on the chair in front of a door behind which fifty thousand dollars were waiting for her. Well, at least if she managed to get free in due time! Since she took her decision to go for the big challenge, her thoughts were always going back to this website's wallpaper, hoping again and again that she would be tied in the same way.

But on the other hand she still had absolutely no idea of how to get free from this, and because the organizators told her that the ties are always possible to escape, even the big prize one, she doubted that this one was in store for her.

She swallowed the pill and fell asleep. When she woke up, realization came at once and two feelings battled inside her head: great happiness of being tied exactly as she had so much wanted during the previous days; and the fear that she was going to lose the contest at this last round because she still wondered how to escape from those ties.

So she was there, finally, lying naked on the floor in the middle of the room, spread-eagled with ropes tied at each wrist and ankle. The ropes were long enough so that the part tying her wrists or ankles were the middle of the ropes. The both tips of each one were tied to a hook at the corner of the room. The ties at her wrists and ankles were tight enough to make it impossible to slip through them. The hooks were metallic ones, screwed directly on the walls, and the knots were clearly not going to be undone by pulling on them.

She looked at the mirror on the ceiling and greatly enjoyed the view of herself so nicely tied-up. She relaxed as much as she could, breathing calmly in spite of the situation. She wanted to enjoy the moment. To print it her memory. She was here and there, focused on her body, conscious of every millimeter of it. She took notice, and appreciated, the perfect symmetry in which her body was held. She didn't bother the time running out on the count-down.

After a moment she resigned to turn her head. Her clothes were once again, and for the last time, waiting for her near the door on the wall opposite to the count-down. She observed the room carefully and wasn't surprised to see nothing that could help her in the task of getting free. Taking the full measure of her predicament, she looked again at the ceiling mirror, and tried to pull on the ropes as strongly as she could. The hooks to which the ropes were secured didn't give any sign of letting go.

She tried to grip the ropes with her fingers in order to pull harder, but it made no difference. Seen from above thanks to the mirror, her attempts to get free aroused her and soon enough she was starting to moan and swing her body against the floor. She moved to feel the bonds holding her body, or to feel her body held by the bonds. She moved to see how relentlessly she was unable to get free.

She wasn't concentrating at all on the possible ways of getting free, but was just continuing to pull absentmindly on the four ropes binding her. She had thought and hoped of this ordeal so many times, that she wanted to make it last as long as possible.







Chapter 7

Eighteen minutes had passed when she calmed down and tried to relax all her muscles, while staring once more at her reflection on the mirror. She thought again at the perfect symmetry of her bondage when she realized that it was not exactly symmetric. She was sure that it had been, though. But now her right arm seemed to be pulled by the rope a little bit more than the left one. She turned her head to look at her arm and the rope, and saw that the rope was twisted-up all along.

She started to untwist it by moving her hand around the rope, so that her wrist could turn inside the rope. After two turns she realized that she had gone in the wrong way, but at the same moment, she saw the hook on the wall had unscrewed itself a very little bit.

Instead of turning her hand the other way around, she continued the moves she had just done. The hook continued to unscrew itself from the wall. Quickly, and with a smile that widened to reach her ears, she started to turn her other wrist inside its rope. The hooks that didn't move at all when being directly pulled, were gently turning around and unscrewing themselves thanks to the rotating force transmitted by the wrist through the rope.

It took another five minutes to unscrew both wrists ropes' hooks. Then four more minutes for her ankles, which were easier with her hands free. And twenty nine minutes after the start of this last round, she was completely free. She yelled a loud YEEEEEES while punching on the count-down stop button.

Four days after, she received by the post an USB stick which contained 16 videos of 15 to 30 minutes each. Those were the recordings of the 8 rounds she had been through. Two videos for each round, one recorded from the ceiling through the mirror (so she had been right!), and the other one recorded from the wall opposite to the count-down.

From the video of the last round taken from the ceiling, she extracted a picture and printed it in high quality. She keeps the picture in her handbag wherever she goes.



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