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Creeping Contract Author: John Adams
(Added on Nov 3, 2010) (This month 173378 readers) (Total 223271 readers)
Lauren starts out looking for someone who will introduce a little discipline and corporal punishment into her life. As time goes on, she cedes increasing levels of control over her life through a succession of contracts.

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Number of Ratings: 11
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Reviewer: graymangazer (Edit) Rating: Jul 6, 2012
I was a little confused when I started reading this story: Lauren craves punishment but does things she hates to avoid being punished, also she wants somebody to physically punish her yet she so easily allows Don to control her life even to the extent of giving him control of her finances.
Having got those minor gripes out of the way I would like to say that I really enjoyed your story.
Lauren is deliciously submissive and having her convinced she is inferior to all men and not just Don is really hot.
It would be nice to read more about the thoughts and feelings of the main characters. What makes Lauren tick? does Don have an agenda?
Personally I would like to see Lauren become completely enslaved, maybe Don could take her house and all she owns by his manipulation of their contract. Lauren should also keep her job as a source of income for her master. It would be erotic to see how she copes being in a position of authority when she has to obey anything any man tells her.
These are just some of my thoughts about a very good story and I look forward to reading the future chapters.
please keep up the good work. (9/10)

Reviewer: Alix (Edit) Rating: Jul 2, 2012
Good one (10/10)

Reviewer: dman2001 (Edit) Rating: Jun 19, 2012
Carl should be allowed to keep a dog training choker and or electronic leash on her while she works always naked and barefoot while dancing, serving or crawling among patrons. The club can pay him to supervise and discipline her to perform better. At times she can sleep caged in club for display. (10/10)

Reviewer: joss1862 (Edit) Rating: Jun 10, 2012
Should Lauren be punished for not winning the contest, and if so what should the punishment be?
- Yes. The punishment should meet the failure - she should start getting more comfortable with being controlled what to wear in public e.g. at work.
What should Lauren’s punishment be for her attitude toward Carl?
- She should be made to serve Carl
and learn to obey him and his friends completely.

Reviewer: bobanddianne (Edit) Rating: Apr 23, 2012
The contract renewals were fascinating. Intense D/s interactions turn us on. Would love to see more.
Well written. We look forward additional chapters if possible. (10/10)
Replied by: therealjohnadams (Edit) (May 27, 2012)
Glad to hear you're enjoying it. I've submitted four more entries, so hopefully there will be more up the next time the site is updated. Feel free to send feedback based on the author's note at the end of part 25.

Reviewer: dariadar (Edit) Rating: Feb 18, 2012
Nice story so far. It should progress further. I shall give you a few tips: humiliation is greater if it is public, reluctant sex is also humiliating experience, humiliation at work is very thrilling. (10/10)
Replied by: therealjohnadams (Edit) (May 27, 2012)
Thanks for your feedback. I've submitted four more entries, so hopefully there will be more up the next time the site is updated. Feel free to send feedback based on the author's note at the end of part 25.

Reviewer: johnlw77 (Edit) Rating: Dec 12, 2011
Wow this is good! I love the slow build-up and the overwhelming sense that she does not realise what she has let herself in for nor the extent to which her predicament is slowly but relentlessly engulfing her. This we first really understood when she discovered her contract allowed her to be compelled to sign new conditions without being reading them! This means it is essential (in response to your question) that once a condition is imposed or a promise of punishment made, then there is no getting out of it. 'Always the letter and never the spirit' of obedience - that is her fate. (10/10)
Replied by: therealjohnadams (Edit) (Dec 12, 2011)
Thanks for your feedback, and I'm glad you're enjoying the story. Did you have anything specific in mind for Lauren's punishment for failure?

Reviewer: Crawling1 (Edit) Rating: Nov 9, 2011
Dear LORD this is fun. A real honest to god tale of domination and submission, not just a rush to bone a woman tied to something...excellent. (10/10)
Replied by: therealjohnadams (Edit) (Nov 10, 2011)
Glad you liked it. Whenever part 19 gets posted there are specific questions asking the direction people would like to see the story go in. Happy to hear your feedback.

Reviewer: dssmmaster (Edit) Rating: Sep 18, 2011
A very nice story, followed it right from the first chapters. Thank you for the new in August. I hope to see more, there is so much to tell in it. Keep on that good work. (9/10)
Replied by: therealjohnadams (Edit) (Sep 18, 2011)
I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the review. I've submitted more, so I imagine they'll be there with the next site update.

Reviewer: spankinglover (Edit) Rating: Jul 10, 2011
Great character description, Lauren slowly being taken and being controlled by Don, and seeing his enjoyment in this has been great fun. Like the slowness of the transitions too makes it more fun. Can't wait to see how it ends. (10/10)
Replied by: spankinglover (Edit) (Aug 16, 2011)
Just read the update, still going strong! Keep up the good work!
Replied by: spankinglover (Edit) (Aug 16, 2011)
Just read the update, still going strong! Keep up the good work!
Replied by: therealjohnadams (Edit) (Sep 18, 2011)
Thanks for the review. I'm glad you like it. There should be at least two more entries with the next site update.
Replied by: spankinglover (Edit) (Oct 4, 2011)
Still enjoying the work. As to your question as much as I enjoy the spankings (Which she should also get) I think she should lose a right that she has, possibly her being able to go to school, Say she needs to stay home and be a "housewife" the only kind of career a woman can have. Even if she does go out she always needs a man near by to keep her out of trouble.
Replied by: therealjohnadams (Edit) (Oct 25, 2011)
Thanks again for the feedback. Not sure that I'm going to go with anything quite so restrictive yet as it takes away a lot of other punishment and embarrassment opportunities. Happy to hear any other suggestions you have.

Reviewer: dante2000_999 (Edit) Rating: Feb 17, 2011
I hope that John Adams finishes this story! It is great! (10/10)

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