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Chastening Day Author: Smackmagnet
(Added on Jan 23, 2015) (This month 129334 readers) (Total 129334 readers)
Led by a priest uncommonly interested in things that priests should not be, the callow young men and unsuspecting girls of remote Crothin-Under-Heath will know a thorny spring festival that they\\\'ll never forget.

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Reviewer: maxsmart (Edit) Rating: Oct 6, 2015
I think that the three stories on bdsmlibrary by smackMagnet are excellent, some of the best writing that I've ever seen in the world of
erotic literature.
As a writer of spanking erotica myself, I can only imagine the time and effort that went into, in particular, Chastening Day. The author provides so many characters and they are actually developed, actually go through changes and have epiphanies - almost unheard of in erotica.
I also disagree with the reviewer of The Chastening Day who admired the craft but didn't think there was much that was "titillating." For me Chastening Day, by and large, achieves what I think is a desirable goal of erotica, to add to the erotic picture that is developing, and to the suspense, IN EACH PARAGRAPH. That is not so easy to do - because you also have to provide background for the characters and plot - but it's the way you provide it and how you let the excitement and suspense build that is key. Humor is also important.
The author does all of that very well.
Now it is true that I would have preferred more focus on Anja's punishment IN DETAIL, but nevertheless it was fun to hear her distant screams wafting over the hills!
I hope that smackMagnet continues this story, as it has at least one very obvious loose end - what happens to Marta when she is caught!
Note to author: I would like to correspond with you, if you're willing. I've tried every variation on your email address given here, without luck. You can reach me at (10/10)

Reviewer: darwin (Edit) Rating: Jun 17, 2015
This story is very well-written and I am enjoying it. Compared to some erotic fiction, it might be termed "slow." For example, the first installment only hints at "chasening" and instead spends time developing two of the main characters (of the initial installments). I think this has enhanced my enjoyment of the story. I personally enjoy the concept of "chasening" and the way the story seems timeless like it might be happening in the past or in a remote place in the present. The priest character is also interesting and in future installments I hope we will see more of him and other corrupted church figures. Keep up the good work! (9/10)

Reviewer: Sarastro (Edit) Rating: Jan 28, 2015
I can't say anything else besides that this is amazing. I can't wait to read the rest of it. Thank you so much! (10/10)

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