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How I Met Your Mother Author: The Technician
(Added on Jun 22, 2013) (This month 18632 readers) (Total 19950 readers)
This story was inspired by a conversation with a friend. He was working in his office at home one evening when his laser printer suddenly spit out three or four sheets of paper that he hadn't printed. Since it was accessible through his home network, he assumed that his wife had printed out something from her laptop. However, it was his daughter who came running down the steps from her bedroom and into his office to retrieve what she had evidently mistakenly sent to his printer rather than to the one in her bedroom. Had she not been in such a frantic hurry to get to the document and had she not looked so afraid that he might have seen what it was, he would not have taken notice. But because his daughter was trying so hard to hide whatever it was from him, after she left, he went over to the printer and selected "Re-print Last Document" from the menu. The printer again started up and printed out a rather graphic story from a website that appealed to people who were i! nto erotic pain. He didn't have to read the story to know what it was about because he, too, was a regular on that website, as was his wife. His quandary, as he expressed it to me, was how to engage his young, teenaged daughter in a conversation about erotic pain and the safe and not-so-safe ways to pursue that highly misunderstood pleasure. I told him that I would write a story based on what I knew about how he and his wife met and then he could print it off on her printer and leave it for her to read. This is that story.

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