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Review This Story || Author: Jason Fleming

Linda’s Job Review

Part 1

Lindas Job Review

- Jason Fleming

Is that better, Mr Fleming?

Linda raised her ass slightly and leaned forwards over his desk, balancing her weight on her forearms.

Move your arms forwards a bit. So that I can see your hanging tits better.

Like this?

Yes, perfect, Linda. Thank you. Ill let you keep your top on today, Linda, but I am going to pull your panties down to your knees.

OK, Mr Fleming.

Fleming ran his hands down her exposed lower back, enjoying her smooth skin, slipped his fingers into her thin, black panties and pulled them down, exposing her offered ass and glistening pussy. He quietly kneaded her ass cheeks.

Pull your ass open for me.

She reached back with one arm and pulled her right cheek to one side. Fleming tugged gently on her four inch silver plug and pulled it out, slipping it into her mouth to clean and then placing it carefully on a tissue on his desk. Linda moved her arm back so she could support her weight.

The trainers tell me you have been working on tightening your ass, Linda. Its improving, slowly but surely. We all enjoy watching you work out. A great number of club members are asking when they can fuck your ass hole. A lot of people are growing impatient at your slow progress, Linda, but I can see it is getting better. He gripped her flesh again and squeezed it.

I am working on it all of the time, Mr Fleming. I am. Is it getting close to club requirements?

He continued to enjoy and caress her butt cheeks. You are not tight enough yet. Your thighs are looking better. A nice gap is appearing. A gap invites cock, Linda, and that is the look our club members want.

Thank you, Mr Fleming.

You do want the club members and staff to fuck your ass, dont you?

Of course, sir. I cant wait.  Ill go up a pay scale and more importantly members will have the full choice of all of my holes they want to use. I know all of the girls here need to offer everything they have, sir, and thank you for giving me a chance to get my ass into acceptable shape and make myself a much more satisfying fuck.

Thats right Linda. Once your ass is firmer well all be spoilt for choice, he smiled. Now - open your legs a bit more, Linda. Just a tad. Thats better, thank you. Youve been beaten enough now Linda that you should know how I want you.  Keep your legs nice and straight for me. Ass as high as you can. Perfect. Thank you, Linda. Crop or bamboo today?

Crop, please, Mr Fleming.

He chuckled. One day youll have to face the bamboo cane, Linda. You cannot put it off forever. He went over his office wall where both instruments were hanging and retrieved the worn, leather riding crop.

I know Mr Fleming. Next time. Promise.

He laughed again, and continued to caress her ass. I think you said that last time! He whooshed the crop through the air, building her anticipation, nudging the bulge of his hard cock against her as he did.

Now, Linda, Tell me why you are here today.

You have received several complaints from members saying that they cannot see the outline of my nipples pushing against my top. I need to learn to wear tighter clothes so my tits look as good as they possibly can for members to enjoy.

There was a polite knock on his office door and Tracy, his assistant manager walked in, wearing just her usual black half cut bra, panties, stockings and heels. She looked at Linda and smiled.

Mr Fleming Monica has just arrived and will cover the front desk, so youll have plenty of time now to fuck Linda if you want to, or extend her beating if you prefer.

Thank you, Tracy.

And Monica wants to know if she can push back your lunch time cock sucking back to 1pm instead of noon? Mr Henderson is hoping to use her ass over his lunch break. Is that OK?

Of course, Tracy. That will be fine.

Oh and one other thing. Amy is confirmed for your overnight for both tonight and Friday. And its looking to be Sarah and Katie for the weekend, but still waiting on Katie to confirm. If not itll have to be Linda Im afraid as all of the other girls are committed to either their trainers or to club members.

Alright, thank you, but I thought I had you this weekend?

Tracy smiled. Coach Ryan and his yummy wife have already booked me! If you are a good boy Ill see you next weekend.

Hmmm. Ill have to talk to him about that. What time is Lindas shit scheduled for today?

Tracy looked down to her phone and tapped through to scheduling. Amy is a 3 and Linda is at 4 this afternoon. Monica is at 5.

She blew him a kiss and left. Fleming returned his attention back to Linda, reaching to feel her tits through her tight (but not tight enough) blouse, continuing to thrust his cock against her.

The members love watching you take your shit, Linda. I see so many of them filming you. Is it because you have trouble doing this to an audience?

Yes, Mr Fleming. Its a little embarrassing, but I am getting better.

Everybody cheers when it comes out. They say you are pushing so hard that your face goes so red! laughed Fleming.

Sometimes, yes. I am pleased to hear the members are enjoying themselves.

Have you fucked Mr Henderson yet?

No, Mr Fleming.

You should. Hes has his gym club membership with us for fifteen years. Hes nearly 70 now, but Monica tells me he cant get enough of her ass.  Ill get Tracy to arrange something once your ass has been approved as good enough to fuck. Nowerwhere were we?

We were discussing my tits, sir. We just agreed that I need to wear tighter clothing.

Ah yes. Yes, thats right. Now  - you do want the club membership to look at your tits, dont you?

Of course, sir.

Then you need to make them much more inviting. Arch your back and push them out when greeting a new arrival. I know Monica lets some members feel them sometimes this is the sort of thing you need to be doing. Would you like to let our members feel your tits as they arrive at the club, Linda?

Yes, Mr Fleming. Id like that.

Good. Thats good to hear, Linda. I thought we would have to let you go, but you are beginning to understand what our members demand from you.

He brought the head of the riding crop to her mouth, so she could kiss it, and run her tongue over the very same hard leather that had inflicted so much pain on her body over the previous months. He stood close to her now, allowing her to see the outline of his cock pushing against his trousers. He unzipped his fly and pulled himself out, and masturbated, stroking and pumping his shaft just inches from her face. Her tongue continued to explore the leather, but her eyes never left his cock.

Her mouth opened. And she moved to engulf him, but he pulled back.

Did you ask permission to suck my cock?

No, Mr Fleming. I am sorry.

Then close your mouth and remember your manners.

Im sorry. Im so sorry.

Tomorrow I want you here at 7am. We have a new Platinum member just joined. He wanted Monica as his welcome fuck, but I want you to do it instead. Ive asked him to tell me if he is not 100% satisfied with your performance. He knows your ass is not quite up to club standards but he wants to fuck it anyway.

Mr Fleming Ill make sure his come is as big as possible. Ill fuck him so hard. I will. Thank you for giving me the chance to welcome this new member.

The slightest failure to provide all of the pleasure he so richly deserves means well have to punish you again, Linda. And for mediocre fucking it will be either a hosepipe beating in front of the entire staff for five minutes or the tit crusher clamps for an hour. The client will decide. You know the rules. Both myself and Tracy will watch you absolutely love his cock and if I see anything but 100% effort you will be punished, most severely. As you know, I enjoy hurting you as much as I enjoy fucking you, so dont give me any excuses to lash the hosepipe against those sweet thighs of yours.

Im going to be a great fuck, Mr Fleming. I am going to worship his cock like never before. Thank you so much for giving me permission to fuck him. I wont let you or the club down.

Youd better. If he is not completely convinced that you are totally in love with his cock and the taste of his come, and that you cannot wait for him to fuck you again itll be more pain for you. Other clubs provide fuck girls, Linda, but we only offer the best. Our club members pay $75,000 a year to enjoy this gym and to enjoy fucking pretty girls like you. You do want to be an elite fuck girl earning lots of money dont you, Linda?

Yes, Mr Fleming. Very much so.

When we add our group fucking class next month as part of a new cardio program we are offering, would you like to be one of those girls?

Yes, Mr Fleming. Thank you for thinking of me.

Club members will be fucking you for long periods of time in a high temperature room we are developing right now. Lots of sweat. You will master their pleasure, drawing the fucking out to twenty, thirty, forty minutes before the instructor allows the members to come. Longer still, perhaps. Well be monitoring their heart rates and cardio burn. If the member comes before the instructor permits you will be held responsible.

Id really love to help out, Mr Fleming.

Alright. Ill tell Tracy to put you on the Cardio Fuck program. There has been a lot of interest from the membership so we expect you to be fucking on and off for maybe ten hours or so. Youll be absolutely full of come by the end of the day! he laughed. Anyway, here we go, Linda. Its time to receive your lesson. Remember your manners.

Before she had a chance to reply


Ow! Oh god. That hurt. One, Mr Fleming. Im gonna make my tits look so good. So good. Thank you for teaching me, Mr Fleming, to always make my tits look good for the members to enjoy. Thank you.

How many trainers fucked you yesterday, Linda?


Aaah. Jesus. Two, Mr Fleming. That was my second lashing. They all fucked me. All nine of them. Thank you. Another one, please.


Aaaarggh. Fleming surprised her with an extra hard lash across her ass cheeks. She took a moment to compose herself. The first tears appeared, glistening their way down her cheeks. Three, Mr Fleming. That was a hard one. Thank you. I know I deserved that. Thank you for taking the time from your busy day to teach me about tit presentation.


He managed to strike on the sweet spot, just at the top of her legs and below the slightly fleshier base of her ass. She instinctively flinched forward and gasped, her eyes clenched shut, her mouth open in a silent scream. Four, she said quietly.

Louder, Linda.

Four! That was four! Oh god. That was the hardest yet. Youre making my cry Mr Fleming. She closed her eyes again and braced herself for the next lash of fire on her offered ass.

Arent you forgetting something, Linda? He kneaded her cheeks with his strong hand, pulling and squeezing the flesh, savouring her youth, relishing her vulnerability.

Oh shit, he heard her whisper under her breath. I am so sorry, Mr Fleming, So sorry. My manners slipped for a moment. So, so sorry. Thank you, Thank you for that extra hard one.

I have better things to do with my time than stand here beating you, Linda. I am trying to teach you how to be a good employee, with manners and a love of providing great customer service. Show some fucking gratitude. Ill add one more lash for you bad manners. A hard one across your tits.

Oh god. Please not there, Mr Fleming. Please. Please not across my tits.

Do you want two lashes there?

No, sir.

Then ask me to do it.

Oh god. Oh god. She turned to look back at him, her eyes resting briefly on his erect cock, and then said to him Please beat my tits, Mr Fleming, to teach me some better manners.


She yelped and surged forwards again, pushing his desk across the floor a few inches. The first deep red line burned across her tender ass flesh.

Thank, you, she gasped, her tears flowing freely now. That was five. Half way now. This has been a very good flogging, sir. You really are testing my limits.

Ill do a couple across the tops of your legs now, OK? Right across you top of your thighs.

Yes, Mr Fleming. You know what is best for me.


Aaaaaaah. Oh god. That hurts so bad. Six, sir. Jesus. Oh god. Her breathing was deep, and he could see the effort she was putting in to control herself. He rubbed his cock, and then fucked between her red ass cheeks for a dozen or so strokes.


He got her sweet spot once again, and she reflexed forward across his desk, instinctively trying to get away from the searing pain.

Before she even had a chance to say anything, to compose herself for the next one, Fleming struck again.


Ow! OH MY GOD. Jesus. Fuck. Fuck. That really hurt. Jesus. Seven, sir. And eight. That was my seventh and eight lashing. Thank you so much. Thank you. She was crying hard now, and the words sounded more like loud whispers.

Just two more now, Linda. I am very impressed how you are handling this today. I can see you are really making an effort.

Thank you, Mr Fleming. I am doing my best.

Id like to finish these last two across your back. No excess flesh at all there, so you will really feel it..

He moved around her, so that he stood in front of her face, his cock inches away from her panting mouth.

He looked down into her tear stained face, etched with pain, her mouth open and breathing hard. He smiled when he saw the thin film of sweat glistening over her back. The beads of perspiration on her forehead. He waited for her. He whooshed the leather crop through the air. His cock demanded attention.

Please, Mr Fleming. Please, please, please. Please may I suck your cock, sir? I want you in my mouth so bad. Please. She opened her soft lips as wide as she could and waited for him to slide over her wet tongue.

When I strike you on your back, Linda, its really going to hurt. It will make a mark too. If I feel the slightest flinch in your mouth with my cock, if I feel the slightest change in your suction or from the lapping of your tongue we will start your lesson again. From zero. Back to your ass, your thighs and eventually after so much pain, back to here again.

He leaned forwards slightly and watched his cock slide deliciously into Lindas wonderful suction. She easily took the first five inches, and he paused, before forcing the other three into her, filling her entire mouth completely. The familiar tingle raced through his erection. He pulled back slightly and held himself there, enjoying watching Linda stretch her neck as far as it would go so she could take all of him again. Her tongue danced over his hard shaft, waves of suction began, and her lips lovingly moved back and forth over him. She was relieved to hear his brief gasps of pleasure and then to feel his gently fucking hips begin their rhythm, his balls brushing against her chin. And she waited. Waited for the cruel pain.

He relished the sensations pulsating through his cock and allowed her several minutes of suckling, bathing himself in her mouth, resting the crop on her back and then pulling her with both hands deep onto his cock, forcing himself to her throat, savouring the contractions of her gagging. He loved filling her mouth completely, watching her effort, feeling her struggling breath. He slowly pulled his glistening shaft all of the way out of her, rubbed himself over her face and then fucked back in, a deep stroke right back to her throat again. He fucked her neck again and again, his pleasure rising. His hands found her tits and painfully squeezed them, his cock ramming harder and deeper, fucking her mouth like it was her pussy, his urgency increasing, the brutality unrelenting, pulling out beads of saliva and drool, chasing that desperate need to come. She struggled not to retch, but was used to getting throat fucked now. All of the trainers did this to her. Fucked her like this. Used her mouth. Came in her mouth. Wiped their wet cocks over her face and in her hair. It was all part of the job.

Flemings cock pistoned back and forth into her throat and she did her best to please him, to make him come, knowing that if he released his surging testosterone her beating would be less intense. But he knew this too, and without any notice he stopped fucking her, and held himself balls deep in her mouth and waited for a few seconds until he was sure she was still sucking and caressing his shaft with her tongue. He calmly retrieved the crop still resting on her back.

Here we go Linda. I cant quite get the power I usually do while I am in this position but Ill still try to strike you as hard as I can.

He raised his right arm up high and teased her for a few seconds before whooshing the hard leather down onto her spine, cracking it loudly against her skin. Her body twitched and shuddered into the pain, but her suction never wavered. He smiled to himself, and he enjoyed the pain on her face, her slobbering mouth wrapped around his erection, easing her lips seductively up and down, up and down, never missing a beat.

He laughed out loud when she tried to say Nine, and thank him.

Last one, now Linda.

He fiercely brought the crop savagely onto her back. As hard as he could


Her body convulsed in pain, her shredded nervous system burning with pain, her back lashed so cruelly, flinching to escape the pain. But her mouth stayed on him. Her suction never wavered. Despite her almost intolerable pain she stayed focused on his cock, as she had been taught over and over and over again. Her ass hurt. Her thighs hurt. And now her back seared with pain. But his hard cock was still inside her mouth, and still she sucked as best she could. She could see her tears falling onto the top of his gently thrusting shaft. At last, he slowly pull out of her, and moved his cock over her fucked up face.

Did that hurt? he laughed.

Oh my god. She could hardly control her breathing. More than you can imagine. She licked him when she could, and kissed him when she could.

I really learned my lesson today, Mr Fleming. Thank you so much. That was the tenth lash. Boy that hurt so bad. You are so kind to take the time to teach me how to behave.  Im only gonna wear the tightest tops now. Thats all. Maybe little girls clothes. Super tight so members can see my nipples and the full shape of my tits. Thank you. Thank you.

Tracy mentioned that we have time to fuck.

If you have the time she said, and wiped the last of her tears away. Id love to feel your cock inside of me again, Mr Fleming. That beating has made me so wet. I need to get fucked. I really do.

Fleming smiled, his hand caressing his painfully hard cock and rubbing and poking it over her face. He walked back behind her and  stood between her legs, tapping them wider so he could get close to her. While pushing his cock down between her ass cheeks and began to fucking between them he reached up over her back and put the crop lengthways into her mouth. She bit down into the hard leather, and he pulled back, jerking her head up, bending her back, pulling and pulling, bending her back as far as it would go, making her tits raise off the desk. She moaned, her body already in pain.  The back of her head was now just a few  inches from his face. Her arms were straight down, supporting her weight on his desk, her body straining to the tension .

Take your hands off my desk, Linda, and play with your tits. Your mouth is going to take the strain. He looked down to his cock and moved his hips slightly, and began to push forwards, finding her entrance. He relished the tight grip of her teenage pussy

He began to fuck her, sawing his cock into her young body, watching her arms move while she fondled her own fabulous tits, pulling her back, ever more.

A knock on the door and it was Tracy again.

I thought you might fuck her! she laughed, and came over to feel Lindas tits. How is she doing are you getting better at fucking, Linda? Tracy leaned in and kissed Linda, squeezing her tits hard.

I am trying to. I am, she mumbled through the crop still pulling on the corners of her mouth.

Mr Fleming weve just had a walk in for an interview. Her name is Alice. Pretty blonde. Shall I get her undressed and wait in my office for you?

Is she fuckable?, gasped Fleming, the effort of his thrusting taking its toll.

Oh yes. If I were you Id save your come for Alice rather than waste it on this lazy cunt Linda. Shes already asked me if you will be fucking her today. Shes really made an effort to make her tits look great. They are practically bursting through her shirt! she laughed.

Oh really? In that case, send her in. Let me take a look at her right now.

Alright. Tracy left and Fleming could hear her call to Alice.

He pulled the crop from Lindas mouth and moved his hands to her tits, cruelly pinching and squeezing them with no care at all for her feelings, and concentrated back on his quickening rhythm, his cock pounding into his employee harder and faster.

The beautiful, young, long blonde haired Alice stepped in, looking at Fleming nervously. Her eyes darted down to see the naked Linda bent over his desk, whimpering and gasping to his thrashing hips. Fleming behind her, still fully dressed and awash with lust, fucking into her.  She glanced over to the far wall to look at the large photo prints framed up on the wall. She recognized Monica  - the girl on the front desk - and assumed the other girls were all working at the club. Close ups of their faces streaked with come, or with hard cock in their mouths. Full length body shots. Close ups of faces and tits. A girl getting double fucked by two trainers, smiling as best she could -  at the camera. Girls photographed being beaten, tears and running mascara. And girls all of them- photographed in the throes of orgasm. Alice saw there was still space for more pictures, her pictures, should she get the job.

Remember what I have just told you, Alice. Go over to him now, urged Tracy, her hands falling from Alices tits when she moved away. And take your clothes off. Quickly now. Tempt him with your body. Show him what a great fuck youll be. Go on...

Alice looked at Fleming again, at his face concentrated, at his hips pounding into the girl, his hands roughly groping her tits, and she reached for her top button and hesitated, and then undid them, pulling her shirt off revealing her full C cups and taut stomach. She quickly slipped out of her short skirt. No bra, no panties. She kicked off her shoes and now she was naked. Like Linda.

She looked over at Fleming again and walked over to stand next to him, her eyes now down to his thrusting cock, glistening with Lindas juices. She watched Lindas counter fucking ass, synching with Flemings forward lunges, and saw the fresh red lashes across her cheeks and the two violent marks down her back. She glanced at the riding crop on the desk and immediately understood.

Flemings eyes soaked in this beautiful girl, watched her turn for him, showing off her ass. He watched her little show while he brutally fucked Linda. While he hurt Lindas tits with his ruthless grip. Alice pushed her tits together, so that he could imagine fucking her there, and coming over her chest. She made sure he saw her slim, little girl waist, so that he could imagine holding it while he fucked her from behind. She parted her full, freshly lipsticked lips slightly, so that he could imagine them bathing his raging hard shaft with soft kisses. She opened her mouth so that he could imagine fucking her there, fucking her mouth like she knew he wanted to. And then she slowly turned for him so he could see her firm ass, so much tighter than Lindas. She bent forwards slightly and pulled her cheeks apart, so he could imaging fucking her there, like she knew he wanted to. She slowly gyrated for him, teasing and seducing, and then turned around again, showing off her fantastic tits, her straining abs and firm thighs. Her eyes fell back to his cock, his glorious cock, and stood mesmerized by its powerful thrusts deep in the girls pussy.

Arch your back now, Alice, said Tracy. Present your tits to him. Show him they are his. Push your ass out a bit. More arch. Good. Very good. Now separate your feet a bit more. Good. If you are in the right position youll feel your ass open slightly. Perhaps feet a little wider? Thats better. And hands behind your head. Thank you, Alice, Very nice. Now open your mouth and stay like that. More. Wide as you can. Better. This is your presentation position to Mr Fleming. OK?

Alice nodded.

Should we decide to hire you we will be making small adjustments to this position over the next few weeks so that you are presented perfectly each time to him. We want to show everybody that your mouth, your tits, your ass and your pussy are always available. That is what you want, isnt it, Alice? Speak now.

Yes. It is what I want.

When Mr Fleming looks at you and clicks his fingers this is how you are to stand.  Got it?


Tracy ran her hands all over Alices teenage body while they stood just a few feet away from Fleming and Linda. I cant wait to watch Mr Fleming fuck your throat, she whispered into Alices ear. Now, wag your ass because you are happy.

Alice wagged her ass, and Tracy stroked her there, smiling. She continued to wag while watching Fleming fuck, his hard, hard cock pounding deeper and faster into Lindas cunt, his urgency rising. Her gasps mixed with his, her squeals of pain mixed with his lustful grunts while he roughly and relentlessly pawed her tits. Sweat broke across his forehead. The fucking increased. The intensity rose. The desperate chase for pleasure was now unstoppable. Tracy moved to feel Alices gorgeous tits, pinch her nipples, kissed her cheeks, spanked her wagging ass, fingering her pussy to the rhythm of Flemings surging cock. And Alice didnt move. She stayed in her presentation position, arousing to the sex now all around and inside of her.

Get down on your knees now, Alice, and beg Mr Fleming for his come. He is so close now.  I can tell. You want his come, dont you?

Yes. Yes I do, she said, lowering herself to her knees, her tits still pushed upwards, her hands still behind her head, her mouth still open, her eyes still on his thrusting, blurred cock.

Are you going to love his cock, and give him, the staff and the club members everything they require?

Yes I will.

Beg him. Beg him now, Alice.

Mr Fleming please come over me. Please. In my mouth or over my tits. Or over my face if you want to. I want you to come all over me. Stain me with your come. Please. Please. Please, Mr Fleming. Come over me. Please.

Fleming looked down to her while he fucked, his face lost in pleasure, concentrated with the effort of his fuck. He pulled his cock out and slapped Lindas welted ass hard with his hand. He turned towards Alice, aimed himself to her open mouth and fucked in. He grabbed her hair, holding her in place, and continued the same fuck rhythm, sinking is cock into her throat, fucking her and fucking her and fucking her, his eyes never leaving her now struggling, pained face. He saw her fear. He pushed in harder. His angry cock fucked rapidly over her tongue and fucked back out covered in her thick spittle and streaks of saliva. Her eyes were now wide with effort, her lips wrapped tightly around his thick shaft. He fucked and fucked, his eyes tight, his entire being now focused completely on the pleasure racing through his cock, and face fucked her like the whore he thought she was.

His explosion, like how he fucked, was violent, messy and loud.

He wrapped his arms around her head, pulling her onto the root of his cock, and pumped the come into her throat, groaning and thrashing his hips in ecstasy. Alice struggled, her body trying to escape and twist away from the massive, hard cock buried deep in her throat. She fought to control her gag and she wretched against him, nearly throwing up, but her struggles gave him even more pleasure, and he continued to pump into his orgasm. He groaned, and called her names, a throat cunt, a cock whore, a  slutty fuck mouth, and then pulled out, drawing long beads of saliva and drool, and streaked one last line of come over her fucked up, messed up, gasping, scared face.

Keep your hands down, love, soothed Tracy. Dont you dare wipe away that lovely come. You did so well, Alice. So well. Now be a good girl and show some gratitude.

Alice was still heaving lungfuls of air into her body, recovering from the most brutal throat fuck she has ever had (or ever seen in a porno). She coughed and hacked up bile from her throat, she spat out globs of saliva into a nearby trash can and wiped her mouth and lips clean. But she took his cock. All of it. And she was pleased. Surely the job was hers on that alone. She dutifully put her hands back behind her head and looked up to him, her eyes teared and blacked through her ruined make up, and he saw her small triumphant smile. He stood over her, his softening cock hovering over her face, his balls nearly touching her.

Thank you. She gaspedThank you Mr Fleming for fucking my mouth and coming over my face.

She licked his balls. She didnt know what else to do. And he allowed her to, standing over her and recovering, his hand finding Lindas ass and then sliding a finger into her hole.

Do you enjoy having men come all over your face?

Yes, Mr Fleming.

Tracy leaned down and clipped a lead and collar around her neck, and gently pulled the chain to raise Alice to her feet.

Hands behind your back, Alice. Ill show you the club now. Do not look at trainers or club members in the eye you are to keep your eyes down on their cocks. Well go to my office first so I can fit you with a nice, snug butt plug. All girls that work here, including myself, work plugged all day.

Alice before you tour I need to ask you something. Will you let us hurt you, if we want to? Fleming asked, folding his cock back into his trousers and gesticulating to Linda to get into a new position over his desk.

I have seen you generous payment packages, Mr Fleming. I will be opting for the highest pay. I think I can handle the pain and humiliation.

Linda was now on her back on Flemings desk and was shuffling back so that her head and neck hung over the edge. Her tits were now stretched taut and highlighted by the painful edge of the desk. Fleming idly played with them, squeezing and pinching while he spoke.

It will be thrilling for me to make you cry, Alice. He looked into her eyes, assessing her. He saw his own come dribble down her face and drop onto the top of her tits.

Tour the club and then bring her back here in a couple of hours so that she can ride my cock and I can then assess her tits better. Perhaps a moderate to hard beating to finish the interview to test her pain tolerance. Sound good, Alice?

Yes, Mr Fleming.

The two girls left, and Fleming - excited about the afternoons activities - walked over to the wall and unhooked the two foot long strip of bamboo. He shuffled the phone on his desk closer to Lindas face and pushed the button to activate the internal PA system.

Ill think Ill give you five lashes on your tits, Linda. One for punishment, and four just for fun. Here we go. He heard his own voice echo around the building.

Everybody in the club heard her screams, including Alice. They all smiled and cheered.

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